Rescue Sea Gull-Rescatando Gaviota

Its been a month since John and Joy found this sea gull on the beach , hurted she could not move and after a week of so started to move , all of suden stood up and start moving its wings but still cant fly yet , but she eats well and drinks water next time you are here or when you come stop by the Cabo Pulmo National Park Lobby! We will keep you post it !!

Cabo Pulmo National Park Lobby

Nuestros vecinos john y Joy se encontraron a esta gaviota hace un mes en la playa , no podia moverse y despues un unos dias empezo a moverse y de un dia a otro se levanto , pero aun no puede volar , come bien , le damos sardinitas y ya se bańa , la proxima vez o cuando vengan pasa aqui al Lobby del Parque.

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